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We'll create and maintain a branded, cohesive online presence for your business through creative content posts that are in line with your company's personality and goals. We'll work in conjunction with you and your marketing calendar to create this content.


Social Media is quickly becoming a customer service tool. Eventually it may become a go-to destination for guest information and inquiries such as: reservations, information about products & services, special events and hours of operation. We'll help you make the transition and be ready for whatever comes your way. We'll also create keywords and monitor those on Twitter to see when people are talking about your brand or business.

In addition we'll monitor major review sites and notify you when new reviews are posted and help you respond accordingly.


Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, they've all made recent changes and seem to make them regularly. We'll keep an eye on these changes and make you aware of them and how they may affect you. We'll make necessary changes to adjust and advise you as to best practices as they evolve.


Social Media isn't a one way street. It's become cliche to say "engage your fan base" but it's a fact. Your best guests want to know they're being listened to when they mention you and want to know there's a real person on the other end. We'll work with you to create the personality your business wants to convey and engage accordingly.


As Social Media makes its ascent in our online world, there is still one best way to reach current and potential guests, your website. If you have one, we can help you implement some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you need one, we can build it and implement SEO that's in line with your goals.

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